Anna Hazare Questions Honesty of PM

New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Monday targeted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and termed his justification as ‘unfortunate’ for keeping his post out of the purview of the proposed Lokpal. Anna Hazare wondered if the ‘honest’ man was telling lies.

Hazare demanding a strong anti-corruption law doubted the government’s intention about the Lokpal Bill and said that he is willing to go to jail if he was not allowed to demand the law.

Hazare made it crystal clear to the government that for him venue of fast that was earlier decided to be Jantar Mantar was not important, but the issue is of paramount importance and thus he does not want to insist on undertaking the fast at Jantar Mantar.

Hazare addressed a press conference in New Delhi and the civil activist reacted strongly against the government’s justification of keeping his post away from the ambit of Lokpal.

Anna Hazare Protesting Against Corruption

The civil activist strongly said, “This statement is unfortunate. Till now, the people of the country and me too felt that we have an honest and non-corrupt Prime Minister.”

He further added that, “our fight is not against Parliament but against the government. I have written a letter to him (PM) and even after that if he is saying this, it is unfortunate. Many people in the government are telling lies. The Prime Minister was a good person and even if he is telling lies then what will happen,”

Mr Manmohan Singh said that it is not advisable to bring the office of Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal and that all the factors have been considered before taking this decision.

When Hazare was questioned that if police denies him to the permission to stage protest at Jantar Mantar, to this he said “”If they can provide a place where people can reach, where all amenities are provided, then we can go there. I don’t want people to say that Anna is stubborn on this. Our issue is not Jantar Mantar, our issue is Lokpal,”

Hazare also gave out the result of “referendum” conducted by the civil activist in Chandni Chowk. Results showed that 85 percent of people favoured Jan Lokpal Bill (there version).

Activist Arvind Kejriwal said, “Seeing these results the question arises, does Kapil Sibal still represent the people of his constituency?”

Going by the overwhelming 85 per cent of 72,000 responses in favour of Jan Lokpal Bill Hazare said a national referendum on the issue would be favourable.

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